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Sathi Leelavathi Telugu Family Movie

Sunitha Varma, a doctor by profession, is drawn to Mu.Kalanjiam because of his life-saving act and ultimately decides to marry him. She overlooks Mu.Kalanjiam's brutal past life during which he had murdered many people including Asmitha, who was with him right from his childhood days. She loved him but he appears quite satisfied by using her whenever he's driven by his sexual urge. Believing that she could change him for the better Sunitha marries him after his return from prison. Mu.Kalanjiam seems like a changed man after getting out of jail. However his true side comes out when he hears about Mu.Kalanjiam's good-looking patient Anjali and her 'inability' to give birth to a child. Mu.Kalanjiam's evil mind springs back to life as his urge to have sex with Anjali increases. He gets close to her pretending to be the doctor's assistant. Mu.Kalanjiam almost succeeds in making Amudha believe that he is the 'solution' to her problem. How Anjali is saves herself from Mu.Kalanjiam forms the crux of the story.

Category Indian Cinema

LicenseStandard YouTube License

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