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Vennela (2005)- Telugu Full Movie

Directed : Deva Katta

Produced : Chalapathi Mannuru

Starring : Raja,Parvati Melton,Sharvanand,Ravi Varma


Pavani (Parvati Melton) is an independent woman who aims higher to study in the USA. She has a disturbing past: She had a boyfriend (fiancé), Ritesh (Sharvanand), son of a millionaire and Pavani's classmate.

Ritesh is an intelligent, sharp, and most eligible bachelor at his college. Being the son of a wealthy father, Ritesh is irresponsible, unstable, and vulnerable. He drew hostility, jealousy, enmity with his college mates like Sayeed, who secretly had an interest in Pavani. This threatening lifestyle of Ritesh made Pavani to change her mind to grow apart from him.

While celebrating her upcoming journey to the USA to pursue her higher degree with her friends, Pavani meets Naveen. With his friends, he is also celebrating getting a visa to study in the USA. Naveen (Raja) and Pavani will study at the same university.

Naveen and his friends go through culture shock and the troubles faced in a US university to earn a living with part-time jobs. For example, Naveen and his friends tangle and have mishaps with woman, cars and Indian restaurant owner Pachadlla Paramanandam (Brahmanandam). (This episode received critical acclaim from the audience.) Sayeed (Ravi Varma), also a student of the same university and a classmate of Pavani in India, is aware of Pavani's strained relationship with Ritesh back in India.

The rest of the plot predicts situations that deal with Ritesh's agony and his getting aware that he was the victim of Sayeed's vengeance. Subsequently Ritesh loses his mind and becomes a psychopath. He kills Sayeed on the university campus and attacks Pavani and Raja by hiding in their car while they return from a dinner out. While Ritesh shoots at Naveen's neck, the cops are on their way with an ambulance and rescue Naveen and Pavani from Ritesh by shooting Ritesh to death.

The film highlights situations which lead to victims like Ritesh, who dug own grave by getting entangled with woman in situations beyond their control. The film spells out the do's and don'ts for an Indian student at an American university.

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